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It all started in 2016 when I bought my first PCP after many years of shooting a Springer. I soon realized how noisy a PCP can be and I started experimenting with a PVC tube and other materials, which all turned out to be my first silencer .


After seeing the results and successfully creating a decent silencer for an PCP,  it sparked the interest to know more and make it even better. I bought my first Lathe for the Research and Development tests and that is how DOUXSILENCERS came about.

At this point all the focus was on developing better, stronger and lighter silencers and that is how we came to having aluminium and carbon fiber silencers. I am currently busy with research and development for our first monocore silencer.

As I started working more and more with the various PCP's on the market, I started developing other products to compliment not only the silence of the Air Rifles, but also accuracy and power!

- Ruben Fourie      

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