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Cold Degreaser and Fat Solvent Spray


Ballistol cold degreaser and fat solvent spray is an effective grease remover and universal cleaner from Ballistol.

The cold degreaserand fat solvent removes oil, grease, soot, nicotine, and even dried, resined oil sediments of diesel and other organic pollution of all types of metal, plastic parts, glass and many other materials. Therefore cold degreaser and fat solvent is applicable as a universal cleaner and suitable for workshops, industries, canteens, restaurants, private households, building cleaners, plumbers, sport shooters, etc.

The cold degreaser and fat solvent is an ideal fat remover for the pretreatment of surfaces before processing by other agents such as varnishes, browning etc. Ballistol cold degreaser and fat solvent is even applicable for the removal of fat- and glue residue and the removal of stickers.

The spray is particularly suitable for a flat and smooth apply of fat remover and for locations that not available with a brush. Instead of sprays you can also fill the liquid product into an environment-friendly atomizer.




VAT Included
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