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FX Impact M3 Rear Power Block Upgrade 


This Power Block kit for the FX Impact M3 is an upgrade which provides improved valve flow and delivers more power, great for use with heavier slugs on long distances.

All M3’s produced in 2021 do not yet have a Power Block installed. However, M3’s produced in 2022 are equipped with one, but are not branded accordingly.

The Power Block Kit FX Impact M3 is supplied including the parts listed below:


• 10337: Valvetube Power Plenum Impact M3
• 20671: Valvehouse, Impact, Big Plenum
• 5154: O-ring 16,0 x 2,0 NBR 90
• 20670U: Rear Block Impact Power 2022 without serial number
• 19718: O-ring 14x1,5 NBR 70
• 5110: Rubberball 4,75 NBR75

FX Impact M3 Power Block Kit FX20825

R4 100,00Price
VAT Included
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